How many users we do we have? A question as old as the internet and yet no easy answer.

This is a really interesting + useful post, just wanted to share some thoughts:

- Typically, a website visitor is first a prospect and then is considered a user if they create an account, so how do we count visitors who are prospects only (and not yet a user).

- How do we account for past users who are current website visitors? (Common scenario is someone using a product inside a company and then leaving the company but still wanting to stay informed about the product)

- If a user is using the product under multiple accounts (with same or different email IDs), should we count that user once or multiple times -- once for each account they're part of?

- Often, someone who has an account is just the buyer and never really uses the product, should this person be considered a user or not?

Maybe we need a new term to describe everyone who interacts with your company but is not a user of the product...

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row_number() is indeed one of the cutest things I've seen on earth 🥰 Thanks for the post, Pedram!

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