Data Based

Data Based is a newsletter for data practitioners, by someone who still practices data. I dive deep into data tools and languages so you don’t have to. You’ll learn what the latest technology does, and where its limits are. I’ll explore the trade-offs and provide you with real juicy unadulterated content, without any of the marketing speak that we’ve all grown tired of.

Who is this for?

This newsletter is for data practitioners and anyone who has the pleasure of working with them. If you want to better understand the ever-changing data landscape and cut through the bull, then this is for you. The content will be technical, there will be code, but you don’t need to be a programmer to enjoy or understand it.

Who are you?

I’m Pedram Navid. You may have seen me on Twitter, or in the dbt and Locally Optimistic communities. I’ve written lots of technical content: everything from how to create APIs, different orchestration platforms, collaborative notebooks, data lineage, I write code, I maintain open-source projects, and I regularly do real data work. I’ve managed data teams, and I advise investors and data companies. In short, I love data.

What Can I Expect?

You’ll get regular content on anything I find interesting, and anything you want me to look at. If you’re a paid subscriber, you can even send me requests for my next piece. I’ll explore everything from the various metrics layers, to headless BI, change-data-capture, to streaming, to your favourite SQL functions.

What does it Cost?

You can view most of my posts for free. Paid posts, which are often more in-depth, cost only $8 a month.

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Data Based dives deep on the latest in data so you don't have to. It's data content written for data practitioners and those who have the pleasure of working with them.